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What is the difference between good service and great customer service? The answer is all about people – people and the ability to connect with other people. Human contact means a lot to your everyone and your customers are no different. They want to be valued and not just seen for the pounds they can bring to you. They want to be respected, listened to and they want to be understood.Professional telephone communication skills

It is never easy achieving excellence in any field and to achieve customer service greatness is no different.

The Qualities of Greatness

Human to human contact needs to be felt at all levels within a company – wherever a customer or supplier needs to access your business, they need personal and caring service so you need to be sure that at these access points, you can offer them members of staff who:

  • Have the necessary experience
  • Can exceed customer expectations by utilising empathy and consideration for their needs
  • Remain calm during difficult conversations and still deal with issues efficiently
  • Show respect and consideration to customers, listening and understanding their needs

Excellence in customer service needs your company to support this service ethos, throughout. Customer service greatness starts with reception but travels throughout your company, not just stopping within the ‘Customer Service’ department.

Respect is the key to Greatness

High-quality customer facing staff are probably already working with you so you may not have to recruit to get quality. All you need to do is look at your business holistically. Look at your staff, look at how they currently operate and identify what is needed to achieve excellence.

A successful team needs a special balance of talents and personalitiesListen to them and ask them about their needs: needs that will allow them to perform better in their roles – do they need additional training; do they need additional equipment or do they just need the support of colleagues and your business to make a massive difference.

Building a culture of respect, where every member of your team feels valued is necessary if you expect brilliant customer service.

If your staff understand that they are valued, that they are essential and indispensable in the role they carry out for you, it is likely that their performance will shine. Invest time in them and build their skills and confidence. Make sure that they value every customer and make each one feel special and your business will reap the rewards – you will be on the path to customer service greatness.

by Michelle

on behalf of peak insight

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