Some customer service skills are priceless – A smile is one of them.

A well timed smile is simply one of the strongest tools in your customer service armoury

Chances are time and money has been spent to provide customer service skills that all your customers will appreciate but have you ever asked what people they value about your business service?

A standard response provided by people is that they value the warmth felt when service is offered and will often say that it is a ‘genuine smile’ that starts building a continuing rapport.

A smile is a worldwide expression that is universally recognised as a sign of welcome and warmth. It is understood in all languages and cultures.  A genuine smile has no limitations and is rarely misunderstood, regardless of age, race, gender, or cultural background.

In business one can dramatically increase customer satisfaction if a genuine smile is offered.  Customers feel really valued when good service is given with a smile. – it is elevated to great service with the inclusion of a warm smile. It is also one of the first steps in connecting with your customer, the step that starts the process of building a connection and, with the use of other customer service skills, builds loyalty and retention.The power of a smile is awesome in all walks of life

Too often, however, is a smile missing in our day to day transactions, both personal and in business and this something I have never understood as a customer service professional. A smile is should be so easy to deliver on most occasions as we look to engage with others who are responsible for the sustainability of our business.

You need to ensure that every time you welcome someone to your business and ask if you can help, you say it with a smile in your voice and on your face.  Look at the person you are welcoming and smile. Pick up the phone and smile before you talk – make sure that the words you speak are backed up with the sincere appreciation for their business.

There are plenty of other customer service skills that are required and will need to be trained, but a SMILE is the most basic and the most important. With the right attitude, all other skills will come in time. It is the smile that means everything to your customer at the beginning of every single interaction.

Build strong customer loyalty. Build customer retention, through the power of a smile. A genuine smile will enhance every transaction and interaction and will set the tone for a successful business relationship that you and your customers will enjoy building.

by Michelle

and the peakinsight team

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