Teamwork creates success

Use the power of the team to create business success .

Teamwork is an essential part of workplace success. Just as a football team must work together to create goal opportunities, in your business everyone has their own specific responsibilities and role to play for business success. Whilst it seems goal-scorer gets most of the glory in a match, it is never forgotten that it is the team that makes a match win possible. It is their planning, coordination and cooperating that allows for success. Just as in football, or any other team sport, a business leader must recognise the necessity of building a strong team.

Every component in a team is vital

The ability to work is part of a team is one of the most important skills in today’s job market. Employers need workers who can contribute their own ideas, but still work cohesively with others to create and develop projects and plans.

A good recruiter recognises individuals for their team-working skills, their ability to work with and for others. It, also recognises which positions in the team need filling, because as like football, not everyone can be a striker team effective or goalkeeper – all roles need to be filled to give balance, to achieve its goals and to work effectively.
Teamwork requires individuals to build relationships and to work together with others using a number of important skills and habits:

• Cooperation with others
• Contributing to group activities with ideas, suggestions and effort
• Effective communication – listening as well as talking!
• Taking responsibility
• Showing a healthy respect for others – their different opinions, Their individual customs and preferences.
• Participating in group decision-making

When people work together to accomplish goals, everyone benefits. This can be ‘seen’ in different ways e.g. team members In the workplace can plan ahead and work cooperatively to assign tasks, assess progress and deliver to timescales. Teamwork enables everyone to conduct professional discussions where different views and opinions can be shared and exchanged respectfully.

Pulling together for business success as part of an achieving ream

Effective teams are able to divide tasks among themselves and individuals take on tasks that they make not enjoy or are not their first choice, but will get on with them with limited complaint – all so that the project will succeed and goals achieved.

Some people are more comfortable working behind the scenes. Others like to interact and engage with clients and customers. Some like ideas. Others prefer decisions and recognising all of these personal traits, when building a team, will allow you to allocate roles that best give balance and suit individual traits and inherent strengths.

Whether you build your team around the formal ideas of Belbin, with his none team roles for top performing teams or you look to build your team more holistically based on your knowledge of your workforce. Be the best you can be as business leader, be the facilitator of your team – help, guide, listen and steer their tasks – but make sure you step in when a consensus cannot be found!

Teamwork is productive, it can be fun, it will be challenging. but if you can achieve it within your business, everyone will reap its rewards.

by Michelle

and the peakinsight team

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