COVID – 19 Marketing Strategy workshop (4-week workshop)

COVID – 19 Marketing Strategy workshop (4-week workshop)

Duration: 4 x 3-hour Webinar sessions

Included: 4 x complimentary eBooks & business templates

Key areas covered in these online workshops include:

 As we tackle this new recession and attempt to manage the many stages that this pandemic keeps throwing at us, now is the time to take action and re-evaluate your strategies, particularly in the visitor economy.

Although it looks like social distancing will be with us for some time and as we adjust to a new and changing normal, it is ever more important to focus on marketing your business and doing so on a reduced budget perhaps. Putting in the effort now is vital, so that you can grow and come out of the Coronavirus pandemic a stronger and more resilient business; whilst jointly and safely capitalising on the increased visitor numbers with more staycation holidays to our beautiful Peak District and surrounding areas.

The actions that you take now as a business, will have a strong impact on your reputation when this situation is over. Ensuring everything you communicate to your customers and potential customers is thoughtful and empathic.

Every small business is different. However, the common secret of successful businesses lies in a solid marketing strategy and a plan. This series of interactive webinar workshops will help you take a fresh look at your business and enable you to make your marketing activities more effective. Whether you have an abundance of marketing experience or are quite new to it, this workshop is suitable for all levels of skills. You will also take away digital tools and templates to continue working on post the webinars to help to work towards your goals. Each three-hour session has two breaks to keep this fun digital interaction fresh, interesting, thought-provoking and fun.

What will we cover?

Webinar 1 – Marketing Strategy Part 1 – Research and customer targeting 

  • Empathetic Marketing during a crisis and recession
  • Looking to the future in our visitor economy
  • Introducing the Marketing Mix and planning ahead
  • Understanding the Marketing Funnel
  • Exploring market research techniques
  • Understand the principles of targeting your customers
  • Creating and maintaining customer profiles
  • Understand your niche and your advantages over other businesses

Webinar 2 – Marketing Strategy Part 2 – Communicating effectively what you sell

  • Telling your brand story
  • Editorial and content planning
  • First impressions and which essential messages to get across
  • Understanding Keyword research
  • Use of #Hashtags in content
  • Communicating what you sell
  • The curse of too much knowledge you have about your product or service
  • Features, benefits and incentives
  • Understanding what you really sell
  • Top tips to enhance your web advert with Visit Peak District

Webinar 3 – Marketing Strategy Part 3 – Exploring the Marketing Mix 

  • Understanding the customer/visitor online journey
  • Looking at the 7P’s of Marketing to be fit for purpose during and post this pandemic and recession period.
  • Product or Service – recapping on what you sell
  • Price – factors that affect and determine your price and forecasting
  • Place – exploring ways of selling in different places
  • People – areas to consider for representing your brand and upskilling
  • Process – how robust are your internal and external processes?
  • Physical evidence or Proof – ways to prove you are what you say you are
  • Promotion mix – ways to advertise 

Webinar 4 – Marketing Strategy Part 4 – Promotion and Digital Advertising

  • Exploring the Promotional Mix
  • How to maximise a multi-channel approach
  • Social media for business
  • Scheduling your social media
  • Risks of using social media
  • Re-thinking the marketing funnel
  • How to measure your performance
  • Marketing Plan Template
  • Marketing Strategy Template
  • Promotional Plan Template
  • Personal Action Plan 

What will I get out of this workshop? 

  • Understand how to utilise this challenging time to plan ahead and engage with your current and potential customers.
  • Be prepared for the recovery of COVID -19/Recession and reach customers, creating a desire for them to come to your destination when this is all over.
  • Achieve more confidence in selling your products or services to potential customers.
  • Gain a better understanding of marketing as a whole.
  • Understand what tools are available to you – including the free ones
  • Refresh your marketing and promotional plans for the year ahead.
  • Network digitally and share best practice with each other.


Dina Holland, Director, Peak Insight is enthusiastic and passionate about training and coaching and can break down complex business information into simple bite-sized pieces in an enjoyable learning environment. She has over 30 years’ experience in leadership as a Business Owner, Senior Manager & Director, Business and H.R. Coach, Trainer and Consultant.

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