Be Your Own Boss

Starting your own business is very exciting and rewarding but can be rather daunting. It can also be a very risky thing to do, so you need to make sure you understand the challenges presented before taking the plunge and launching your business venture. We hold workshops or 1-2-1 sessions for entrepreneurs who have ideas and aspirations to set up and run their own businesses. The outcome will be a greater focus on the future and priorities on the next steps toward being your own Boss.

Kick-Off In Business Workshops. You have the concept for your business and need some basic skills in order to make it happen? Kick-off in Business is here to help those starting a business or those wanting to grow more sales. Be your own boss and start today and you will never look back and work for someone else again!

Your financial development as a business owner is very important. Or if you are happy for your business to remain small, you can continue to concentrate on the daily ‘nuts and bolts’ without worrying about managing large amounts of money or large cash flow issues. However, if you expect the business to grow, you inevitably will have to employ an accountant, and/or a bookkeeper, a finance director perhaps, and a better understanding of finance in your business will be critical.

Planning to sell your products or services?
Who are your customers and how to reach them? What is their average spend and how many of them do you need?
Get the answers here.

How to use Social Media for your business. Which media is more appropriate for your business and how to manage them.
What you need is a plan!

You have an existing business and want to expand your reach. This training course will get you up and running with using Social Media to promote your products and services.

Creating a business plan need not be a chore. With the right guidance, it will be fun, engaging and exciting. Once you start and follow the logical steps all will fall into place and any gaps be easily identified.

There are always some easy “quick wins” to be had to help launch a new business. And there is always different pots of funding available to different types of business to access funding. This course will help you identify priorities and potential funding opportunities.



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