Promotion of Products and services through social media

We hold two-day workshops that cover digital marketing using social media to promote your business.  Some of these workshops are funded and you could be eligible, more than likely you will be, get in touch with us to find out more.  Alternatively, we provide business support on a 1-2-1 individual basis, most of our clients see us once a month and continue to do so for business advice in all areas.

We also mentor customers on a 1-2-1 basis and help them stand outside of their companies and see what your customers see. This is so important in helping you and your business grow. So many times we see business owners and managers deeply emerged in their business and can’t see the woods for the trees so to speak.

We help you focus, we help you have clarity and we also help you challenge your status quo.

Nobody in your organisation or friend and family network will ask you or challenge you on these areas, we will. The areas we cover in our workshops or as an individual client are:sales growth

  • Understand who your target customers are online
  • Where to promote yourself online
  • Be crystal clear about what product, services or experiences you sell online
  • How to retain customer loyalty online
  • Digital Brand and visual identity
  • Digital advertising
  • Email marketing
  • The power of google and all of the free tools you have at your fingertips
  • Other search engine opportunities
  • Digital Marketing Strategies and plans
  • How to sell online
  • You have 5 seconds to make a compelling reason to stay on your website before someone will move on to someone else – understand what is needed to make them stay.
  • Content management
  • All of the methods of selling your products, services and experiences online
  • Look closely at how your business can have a multi-channel online approach
  • Search engine optimisation explained simply
  • Social media optimisation explained simply
  • Launch or re-launch your business online
  • A social media for business explained
  • Why use social media for business
  • Understand the risks and solutions of using social media for business
  • Break down social media jargon
  • How to use social media to promote your products, services or experiences
  • Building your social media strategy

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