Sales & Marketing for my Business

We hold workshops on sales and marketing. Some of these workshops are funded and you could be eligible, more than likely you will be, get in touch with us to find out more. Alternatively, we provide business support on a 1-2-1 individual basis, most of our clients see us once a month and continue to do so for business advice in all areas.

The areas we cover in our workshops or as an individual client are:

  • How to understand your market
  • Identify who your customers are
  • Identify what your customer needs and wants
  • How to create customer profiles for your target customers
  • Ways to research your competition
  • Choose the best way to reach your target market
  • Evaluate your performance and continue to plan, do and reviewpower sales
  • Ways to analysis your competitors
  • Identify your advantages over your competition
  • Be clear about your brand identity
  • Be clear on the features, benefits & price strategy of your products, services and/or experiences
  • Sell to your customers and ensure they return
  • Explore different simple selling models to follow for you and your team
  • How to promote your brand and be visible
  • Measure & review your marketing efforts & results
  • Be clear on your objectives
  • Plan your timescales for marketing campaigns
  • Plan your promotional planner for the year ahead
  • Decide on your methods for each campaign
  • Explore different data collection methods
  • Understand how to analyse your data
  • Understand the importance of email marketing and software that can help you reach more customers
  • Explore traditional methods of advertising
  • Introduce digital marketing methods including social media for business use (we have separate workshops and sessions on this area)
  • Do you need to make any changes to your business model?

We cover Digital Marketing in separate workshops or individual 1-2-1 sessions.|


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