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Overview of this workshop

From £79* per personworld host supervisor 1
1 day

If your business deals with customers on a daily basis, training your front-line staff to deliver great service is essential. But it’s important not to forget the vital role your managers and supervisors play in making sure that service runs smoothly.

If your managers and supervisors understand the value of excellent customer service, and how to coach their team members to deliver it, they will not only maintain and improve service standards in your business – they’ll also attract new customers.

That’s where the WorldHost Principles of Supervising Customer Service Performance programme can help. We can give your managers and supervisors those vital skills, helping you to build a real customer service culture in your business – from the top down.

What will I learn

This one-day programme will show your managers and supervisors:

  • Why their role is essential to delivering a great customer experience
  • How to lead by example and demonstrate fantastic service
  • How developing their team can improve service standards
  • Techniques to motivate and coach their team members
  • How to develop and implement clear customer service standards
  • Actions to take when customer service goes wrong
  • How to monitor and measure their team’s customer service performance
  • How to use those measurements to improve future performance


Open programme: £120 per person
In-company programme: £1,195*
Train your own people to deliver this programme: More details
No. of people per programme: Up to 15

All prices exclude VAT.

In-company programmes may include an additional cost for trainer expenses dependant on location.

*Price based on cost of in-company programme for 15 people


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