Leadership for managers

Leaders lead groups of people. If they do it well, these groups will form teams, and work as teams. Trust and respect are key components for the success of people working with each other. Excellent leadership skills are essential, if your business has a high turnover of team members, look at those employees line manager, as 80% of the time it is usually they fault!

Key Performance Indicators – Forecasting and reviewing the right numbers

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. organizations use KPIs to evaluate their success at reaching targets. There is virtually no limit to the number of good key performance indicators you can find, essential to great leadership skills.

Starting with the end in mind – The Induction of your employees

Don’t be in a rush to get started when it comes to employing new team members. People with excellent leadership skills understand this. Placing the employee at the centre of his or her induction is key to ensuring that they are fully involved in their induction process, have a dynamic experience and that it does not feel as if it is something that is being done to them.

Your development as a leader is very important. Or if you are happy for your business to remain small, you can continue to concentrate on the daily ‘nuts and bolts’ without worrying about personnel management issues. However, if you expect the business to grow, you inevitably have to employ people, and the ability to show leadership and to manage people more than effectively will be critical. People with outstanding leadership skills understand how to give direction and empower the team member at the same time.

When people are motivated they behave differently – they tend to be enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic, hard-working, keen to get on with the job, less prone to time-wasting, easy to work with, people who are motivated and have a clear understanding of their tasks are more likely to “get on with it”. Strong leadership skills are essential for inspiring and motivating your team of course!

Contrary to many expectations, performance cultures are not flooded with measures. Many businesses misguidedly believe that if it moves, measure it. This does little to create a performance culture: instead people become preoccupied with conforming to the measures and lose sight of the end goal. The simpler the measure the more efficient the performance and the easier it is to demonstrate effective leadership skills.

Making it Happen – delegation and dealing with conflict

Delegation can be risky and nerve-wracking if done badly, because you may find that you don’t get the expected results. However, by following the steps outlined below, you can usually ensure that you will achieve the successful, desired results, and both you and your team will be satisfied with, and empowered by, the process and results.

Usually, if it comes to termination of employment then you have either hired the wrong team member, you have not managed the employee effectively or you have not developed and motivated them. Yes sometimes you can be very, very unlucky, but if you are doing the firing, then you have to accept some responsibility. Succession planning is key to staff turnover management.

Leading and managing are not necessarily the same thing. Management is about using and controlling resources in order to achieve objectives. Management can be reactive and inward-looking, with the manager pushing to achieve their goals and objectives. Leaders inspire and motivate their teams by giving clear direction, leaders are also role models and much more. We all, however, have different personalities and different styles, we help you bring out the best of your qualities that make up your leadership style



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