Teams and Leaders

Your development as a leader is very important. Or if you are happy for your business to remain small, you can continue to concentrate on the daily ‘nuts and bolts’ without worrying about personnel management issues. However, if you expect the business to grow, you inevitably have to employ people, and the ability to show leadership and to manage people more than effectively will be critical.

We train leadership skills either on a one to one/monthly or intense basis for managers and bosses or if you have several managers we can deliver to you as a workshop internally with your company. We can also deliver in a location where there is more than one business that wishes to gain from the experience of these workshops and also benefit from the networking experience that inevitably comes with these types of local or national workshops.

Work with us and you will be able to

  • Define what a team is
  • Explain the stages of team development
  • Use different leadership styles according to given situations
  • Describe your own leadership style and identify its strengths and weaknesses

Characteristics of teamwork:

  • Common purpose
  • Members may contribute different things
  • Members are aware of and play to the strengths and weaknesses of others
  • Co-operation
  • Support
  • Sharing of information
  • Listen
  • Trust
  • Get on with it
  • Enjoy it!



Leaders lead groups of people. If they do it well, these groups will form teams, and work as teams. Trust and respect are key components for the success of people working with each other.

A Team

A group of people with a common purpose that trust each other. Excellent leadership skills are essential, if your business has a high turnover of team members, look at those employees line manager, as 80% of the time it is usually their fault!


Where, collectively, a group is able to achieve more than the sum of the individuals, therefore, as a leader, you need to develop a style that facilitates teamwork.

“We believe that different situations need different approaches – whilst there are great models, one size doesn’t fit all. Flexibility is important. That’s why it’s important for us to spend time listening to you to really understand you, your business or organisation, and what you want to achieve. “Our initial consultation is free of charge, This is to understand what your needs and wants are for your business and what solution we can offer you a clear action plan. We will also signpost you to the best solution if we believe that will be right for you and your business.”We offer a wide range of services in different locations. Individuals in our team and network of associates, all bring a wealth of skills and experience. We aim to bring you the best possible value for your money solution with a return on your investment which is always our objective. ” “Why choose peak business insight?” “We respect and value people, and tell them the truth without spin. We have integrity and discretion, and believe in honesty and being open-minded. We have decades of experience and proven business success. No one tries harder to put the customer first.”


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