Mystery shopping services

Tailored To Your Business – peak insight mystery shopping services are far more than the typical ‘tick box’ programmes of the past and go into the detail of what really affects the customers’ experience.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ mystery shopping programme. We create unique, flexible and results orientated programmes for each client that recognises and rewards great customer service, all of which are underpinned by:

  • Genuine feedback from genuine customers – mystery shoppingWe only use mystery shoppers who match your typical customer or those for a specific scenario.
  • Helping you communicate why the mystery shopping is being conducted and how to manage your teams’ attitude towards being open to the results and the recommendations for actions going forward.
  • Helping you communicate your commitment towards delivering outstanding customer service to both your teams and customers.
  • Understanding the experience – Customer experience reports provide a balance of qualitative and quantitative feedback – giving frontline teams the opportunity to understand the experience of their customers and the impact of their actions and form a solid base as a training tool.
  • Engagement & Action – We work closely with you to communicate the results and advice to frontline teams on how to improve performance where needed to deliver outstanding customer service.
  • We also provide a follow-up service to update the business on their improvement progress
  • We also offer bespoke telephone mystery shopping, designed to suit clients’ particular requirements e.g. competitor analysis
  • We voice record responses for accurate insight gathering and provide the same feedback and recommendations as above
  • We also conduct competitor mystery shopping service, whether face to face, online, on social media or on the telephone.
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