Online Business Training

We deliver online training for one to one training and consultation and for small groups, using video technology.

In-person training via the internet is one of the most effective ways to improve the skills for yourself and your team, should you have one. With the onset of COVID-19 new ways of communicating, upskilling and brainstorming with each other, the internet is a great solution to providing this for you and your team.

We make this process fun, interactive and productive. We have tried and tested workshops on several subjects or we can provide you with bespoke online training to suit your specific needs.

Benefits of Online Learning

    1. Saves money and resources – no travel or accommodation costs
    2. Increased information retention – Interactive and saved content to review in your own time
    3. Increased flexibility – working from home if needed
    4. Sessions can be recorded – to assist those that cannot attend certain sessions and shared easily
    5. Boosts productivity – less time spent travelling and therefore out of the “workplace” or workstation
    6. Easy to set up and use – online scheduling for calendars and the technology available is easy
    7. Videos create a more engaging sensory experience than using print materials alone.
    8. Learners actually get to see and hear the concept being taught and can process it in the same way they process their everyday interactions.
    9. They provide a go-to resource that can be watched from anywhere with an internet connection and are accessible on a multitude of devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones. This allows for viewing at the student’s convenience and from wherever they are.
    10. They greatly assist in the learning of all subjects, but particularly those topics that are complex and/or highly visual
    11. They increase proficiency in digital literacy and communication, which are important 21st-century skillszoom business training

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