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Online and face to face delivery are available.

Since 2010/11 WorldHost has made a huge contribution to the success of the hospitality, retail, passenger transport and other service industries in the UK. WorldHost is trusted by businesses and organisations to provide world-class training that delivers excellence in customer experience. Over 5000 businesses with 2350 businesses achieving WorldHost Business recognition and 18 Regional Recognition.

The programme has been used to train over 300,000 staff and volunteers at organisations ranging from small operators to global events, such as the 148th Open at Portrush 2019, the Rugby World Cup 2015 and the 2012 London Olympics.people in the UK have achieved WorldHost certificates.

People 1st International was acquired by Workforce Development Trust in April 2018, the organisation purchased the full Trademark and Intellectual Property Rights to cover not only the UK but also in its use of it on a global level – with the exclusion of the US, Mexico and Canada). People 1st refreshed to further improve all the content and methods of delivery, including introducing online versions for tutor lead training and self ELearning. The revamped programmes are aimed at a wide range of sectors including retail, facilities management, financial services, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, justice, travel and transport among others.

​WorldHost customer service programmes include:

WorldHost 2020 Keeping Customers Safe Covid-19

This programme empowers staff to adapt the service they provide, supporting customers changing needs and expectations beyond Covid-19, helping to assure business leaders they can reopen their doors with confidence. The bite-sized e-learning module prepares service professionals for front-line duty.

WorldHost Principles of Customer Service

is to share the basic principles that are at the heart of customer service in any industry, recognising or building on good practice and identifying the skills to communicate with customers and colleagues. (1-day programme)

​WorldHost Principles of Customer Service (Employability)

gives people searching for jobs critical customer service skills employers are looking for and covers the basic principles that are at the heart of customer service in any industry, recognising or building on good practice and identifying the skills to communicate with customers and colleagues. (1-day programme)

WorldHost Event Ambassador

Provides staff and volunteers with the skills they need to deliver a warm and friendly welcome to customers and visitors. (4-hour programme) ​WorldHost Business Ambassador Empowers staff to go above and beyond, giving them the skills they need to become brand ambassadors for your business. (4-hour programme)

Sales Powered by Service

This workshop will transform your staff into effective sales professionals who not only listen to your customers’ needs but will help to increase revenue

​NEW! Coming soon. . .

WorldHost Inclusive Service

Give your staff the knowledge and confidence to cater for all customer’s need sensitively and effectively. (1-day programme)

​WorldHost Supervisory Programme

Understand how to build and motivate your team, monitor successes and identify customer service gaps. (2-day programme)

WorldHost training

Is a positive and visible way for you to demonstrate to your customers the importance and value you place in providing high quality and consistent customer service within your business. Helps you attract new business,  encourages your existing customers to keep coming back and helps keep your employees motivated and empowered to deliver a real boost to your bottom line.

Since 2011, the WorldHost Programmes have been part of People 1st, a world-class provider of customer service training in the UK for more than 50 years. Over one million customer-facing staff globally have been trained on WorldHost customer service programmes. WorldHost was first developed in Canada to train 40,000 volunteers and front-line tourism staff for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

The WorldHost programmes are interactive, engaging and enjoyable. They can be used across a wide variety of industries where the quality of customer service is key to the success of a business. WorldHost programmes are assessed by completion of a short multiple-choice test. Participants must achieve 80% or more to pass.

Business Benefits:

Business and organisation who have engaged and deployed the WorldHost programmes have reported some key benefits including

  • Increased revenue
  • More repeat business
  • Use of WorldHost branding
  • An uplift in average spend
  • Increased communications between staff and customers
  • Improved customer reviews and ratings
  • Higher net sales
  • Improved quality assurance scores and ratings
  • Increase staff motivation
  • Improved occupancy
  • Positive PR opportunities
  • Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism.

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