Customers with Disabilities (half-day programme)

The WorldHost Customers with Disabilities programme aims to increase awareness and sensitivity towards customers with disabilities.
By having this knowledge, service providers can make people with disabilities feel more comfortable and welcome.

From £67* per delegate
½ day

Overview of this workshop

“Staff are a lot more confident in dealing with guests with disabilities. The ‘ask, listen and don’t assume’ technique has worked brilliantly”
Fernanda Antonio, Strand Palace Hotel World Host customer service

Disabled customers are a huge market in the UK – worth an estimated £80 billion per year. If you want to make sure your staff have the skills to cater for their needs, our WorldHost Customers with Disabilities programme can help.

In this interactive programme, your staff will gain the knowledge and confidence to cater for disabled customers’ needs sensitively and effectively. We will debunk some of the myths around disabilities, and give staff tips and techniques on assisting customers with common disabilities and impairments – such as restricted mobility and hearing or visual impairments.

Most staff don’t set out to give disabled customers a bad experience. Often, they are worried about saying or doing the wrong thing, so avoid interaction altogether or their nervousness is mistaken for host supervisor workshop

By giving your staff the confidence to make disabled customers feel welcome, you’ll not only win their custom but that of their family and friends too.

What will I learn?

Your staff will learn:

Language of disabilities
Things to consider
Having a disability
Detection of a disabilities
Important tips for service providers

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