Understanding your leadership style

A leader inspires and motivates people in order that they can collectively achieve results.

A leader has expectations placed upon them, both by the organisations for which they work, and the people whom they are expected to lead – these expectations may conflict.

Organisations need leaders to

  • Achieve business goals and targets
  • Improve efficiency/effectiveness
  • Resolve problems
  • Move the business forward
  • Develop their people
  • Manage change
  • Get more out of their people.

The present business environment makes the role of leaders increasingly important.Factors affecting businesses today include:

  • Increasingly competitive, global markets
  • Flatter organisational structures
  • Advancements in Information Technology
  • More demanding customers
  • Rapid change (e.g. shorter product life cycles, diversification)

Leaders need to achieve more, more quickly.  They need to lead and manage their teams in such a way that they can react and respond quickly and effectively to customer and organisational demands.

Teams expect their leaders to

  • Give clear direction
  • Support the teams interests
  • Encourage and support individuals
  • Involve them
  • Develop them
  • Give clear feedback

1)List the five key characteristics or personal qualities which are expected or required by your team members:

Good                         Average                          Weak






Now rate yourself in terms of each of them – Good, Average or Weak.

2)    Circle the number where you would place yourself on the following continuum:

Very introvert                                                                                                               Very extrovert

5                 4                3                 2                1                2                3                4               5

(Leaders tend to be slightly more extrovert than introvert on this scale, i.e. they are ambiverts – mixtures of both)

3)  Have you shown yourself to be a responsible person?

4) Do you like the responsibility as well as the rewards of Leadership?

5)  Are you self-sufficient enough to withstand criticism? Indifference or unpopularity from others and to work effectively with others without constant supervision?

6)  Are you an active and socially participative person?

7) Can you control your emotions and moods and not let them control you?

8) Have you any evidence to suppose that other people think of you as essentially a warm person?

9) Can you give instances over the past three months where you have been deliberately dishonest or less than straight with the people that work for you

10) Are you noted for your enthusiasm at work?


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