Giving direction

Your development as a leader is very important…..Leadership

Or if you are happy for your business to remain small,
you can continue to concentrate on the daily ‘nuts and bolts’ without worrying about personnel management issues. However, if you expect the business to grow, you inevitably have to employ people, and the ability to show leadership and to manage people more than effectively will be critical.

We train leadership skills either on a one to one/monthly or intense basis for managers and bosses or if you have several managers we can deliver to you as a workshop internally with your company. We can also deliver in a location where there are more than one business that wishes to gain from the experience of these workshops and also benefit from the networking experience that inevitably comes with these types of local or national workshops. We spend a lot of time with teams and their leaders. Whether in a workshop or 1-2-1 consultation by the end of this session, you will be able to

  • Explain the purpose of vision, mission and value statement
  • Create a vision for your team/organisation
  • Define the purpose of and key objectives of your team

Direction is important in order for people to feel motivated.  Clear objectives and specific tasks provide focus and a sense of achievement once they have been completed.  People also need to know not only what they are doing, but why – they like to understand how what they are doing contributes to the department or organisation as a whole.  People will not commit time and effort to tasks they do not perceive to be important or worthwhile and need this “bigger picture” understanding in order to prioritise their activities.

Individuals within teams may perform different tasks.  Clear direction for the team will help its members ensure that completion of individual tasks contributes to the team as a whole, that conflicts are minimised and the collective team resources are used to best effect.command

Clearly directed teams have a sense of common purpose, from which team spirit can be derived – the sense that “we are all in this together”.  This, in turn, helps people to co-operate and work together, ensuring that the team can achieve more than the sum of its members.

In a world that is constantly changing and developing, at an ever-increasing pace, organisations must also keep changing just to keep up.  An organisation that remains static will quickly become obsolete.

The development of the organisation must be directed and planned.  A clear picture of where the organisation needs to be in the long term should be communicated throughout the organisation, so that individuals and teams have a common goal to work towards.


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